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Creative Dance (Ages 3-4)

Storeybook Creative Dance utilizes imagination & Storytelling in this fun class for ages 3-4. We introduce your child to all styles of dance including basic ballet, jazz, hula, hip hop, and themed dances. We infuse each style with music that is age-appropriate, kid-friendly and focused, while bringing an understanding to basic steps needed for the preliminary dancer. We want our little ones to discover a love for dance through trying different styles, all with the use of props & puppets to get them to learn in a fun, exciting way 

Dress code

GIRLS: Any color or style of leotard, princess dress, Pink Ballet shoes

BOYS: Anything Comfortable to dance in, Black Ballet or Black Jazz shoes. 

Ballet Essentials

In Ballet esentials (ages 5-7) Your child refines their ballet steps and learns new ones, while working on balance and muscle developement. 

Dress Code:

GIRLS: Leotard and Tights

Pink Ballet Shoes

Hair in Ponytail, or bun.

BOYS: Black pants with plain white t-shirt

Black Ballet Shoes

Fairytale Ballet (Ages 3-4)

Fairytale Ballet Classes offer a cute, magical experience for our young dancers ages 3-4. Our class teaches the beginning steps of basic ballet technique, and includes storytelling, dress-up, and dancers will act out their favorite fairytales with themed music and special props.

Dress code:


• Pink ballet shoes

• Any color or style of leotard, Princess dress

• Hair in a ponytail or a controlled fashion away from the face

Toddler and me (ages 2-3)

This class is designed for our tiny toddler students ages 2-3 to dance and have fun with a parent or caregiver. Students will explore and create while enhancing gross motor skills and listening skills with props and music.

This is a great opportunity to introduce your little one to dance if they are a bit shy, or young.

Dress Code:

STUDENT: Wear anything they can dance in. Princess dresses welcome.

PARENT: Come ready, in comfortable clothes you can dance in! You will be dancing & stretching along with them. 

*Please 1 guardian or caregiver only as space is limited. 

Hip Hop (Different levels)

This High energy class is great for boys or girls and gets them moving! Hip Hop is great for developing rhythmic skills as they will learn numerous Hip Hop elements and styles. Our instructors focus on isolation movement while  encouraging our students to hear the music and “feel the beat.”

Dress Code: Anything Comfortable

Sneaker or Tennis Shoes. 

Jazz Dance  (Different levels)

Jazz Class includes standing warmup, floor stretch and footwork, across the floor technique, and starts them on learning the latest in Choreography to both age appropriate pop music. The entire body receives a workout in this class!

Dress Code: Jazz leotard, or anything they can movement

Black or Tan Jazz shoes

Broadway Jazz

This type of jazz is one of the most popular for live audiences and shows. The dances are often seen in Broadway musicals and theatres, in shows like Mamma Mia, Grease, Shrek, The Wizard of Oz, Suessical, Beauty and the Beast, Elf, Hamilton and so much more! Learn fun choreography with a pinch of acting and singing!

Dress Code: Anything Comfortable

Black or Tan Jazz shoes, or Charactor heels 

Where Dance and play go hand and hand


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